It's Not About Us… It's About You!
And because safety is our #1 priority, we carry worker's compensation and general liability insurance. After all, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Our main headquarters are located in Fullerton, California. We currently service Southern and Northern California. We pride ourselves in facilitating a drug-free working environment, and unlike many event companies, we do not employ underage workers. Our uniformed staff arrives on site ready to make your event a success. We are a community-action company, and a portion of our sales goes back to the community and other charitable organizations.

We are affiliated with many industry support groups and frequently network with these organizations:

Company Profile:
Operations began in October 1996 under the original moniker of Preferred Mobile Music. In 2002, our sister company, Preferred Promotions, merged to make what is collectively known today as PMMnP, an acronym for Preferred Mobile Music N' Promotion Events USA. Our wedding entertainment and lighting division, launched in 1999, operates under the name Preferred Weddings.

We can also rent most of our equipment to you. If you are in the industry or an end user that would like to see our rental inventory, please email us to inquire.

Entertainment Cast & Talented Performers:
Members of our entertainment cast come up through the ranks of our organization, beginning as a roadie and trained exactly the same way. Our talent manager is the best in the business with an extensive resume, including years as a performer for the Disney Company. On-the-field training continues as knowledge is gained through our proven methods and experience. This way, we can monitor our overall consistency and evaluate individual progress. We do not subcontract any work to other companies because our performers have to learn both our music and our style of interaction.

Production Teams:
Our foundation is built on solid teamwork. From conception to production, no show is possible without a capable, well organized team that is professional, dependable, and reliable. Our production teams are immune to intense labor. They deliver, set up, and tear down. They pull, tug, and rig all for the love of the show! At the end of your event, you'll be surprised at how fast your venue is back to its original condition! We leave no mess behind for you to worry about.



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