Interactive, Fun, Dancing DJs & MCs Wanted


Young, fresh talent between the ages of 18 and 25 who are looking to have fun and make money in the process. We're looking for male and female DJ's, MC's and Dancers who are high energy, exciting and experienced. If you know how to rock a party, we want you!

MC's: You are the face of every gig you do. If something goes wrong, everyone looks at you. But if something goes right and the party's a screaming success, they remember you. So we're looking for fun, good looking guys and girls with great energy and can handle small and large crowds.

DJ's: Knowing how to mix and scratch is great and all, but we really are looking for someone who knows what they are playing. We're looking for someone who is incredibly up to date with what kids are listening to these days as well as having a collection of the classics. We want DJ's armed with the knowledge of what's hot and know exactly how to execute playing those songs at the right time.

Dancers: We're looking for girls and guys who are young, energetic and can MOVE! You will be responsible for hyping up the crowds at Mitzvahs and keeping them entertained. Your MC that you work with will rely on you to assist him in keeping the party jumpin. We're not looking for another Chris Brown or Ciara, but if you can dance pretty well then we need you on our team!


Reply at the address above and tell us a little about yourself. Send a couple photos. Be creative and descriptive and make us want to give you a call to learn more about you.

Someone from our staff will then e-mail you back or give you a call to talk a little more with you. If everything goes well, we'll then set up an interview and hopefully be welcoming you to our team! Contact us here.





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