About DJ Entertainment & Production

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry an insurance policy and can provide you with one upon request at no charge. However, if you require to be additionally insured on our policy, please email us the name and address you’d like to be listed as the certificate holder as well as any specific language. Please allow 48-72 hours for turnaround time and longer for endorsements.

What package should I get?
That depends on the theme and type of atmosphere you want to create. Factor in the approximate attendance, size of the venue, ceiling height, and room logistics. One of our team members will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right package by meeting with you at your venue. If you are early in the planning process, we can help you find a venue!
What type of equipment do you use?

For sound reinforcement, we use equipment manufactured by JBL, QSC, and RCF.

Can we choose what music gets played?

Absolutely. Email us your request of 50 songs that you would like for us to mix.

What is your team uniform?

For formal events, we wear all black or suit attire. For casual events, we wear our PMMnP issued uniform. For themed events, please let us know how we should be attired.

When does your crew set up and tear down?

Depending on your order, this can take anywhere from one to eight hours. Strike can take up to 3 hours. Basic DJ setup takes 30 minutes. Lighting, trussing, and staging can add extra time.

How do we reserve your service?

To confirm a booking, call or e-mail PMMnP with your event date, times, event address, and other pertinent information. Once your event is booked, we will send you confirmation with an invoice/contract. A minimum 50% deposit is required, unless a purchase order is received. You will receive a call or e-mail from our office to finalize any last-minute details one week prior to your event date.

How do we submit our information and the event survey?

All of your planning forms and music request lists can be e-mailed directly to us. We ask that you have all of your event information finalized at least one week prior to your event.

About Event Games

Are inflatable games safe?

Yes. Safety is always a question with inflatable games. PMMnP strives for safety on all of our units. Rest assured that every piece of equipment is well maintained, and a log of all maintenance records is kept on file. All units are properly secured to the ground with either stakes and tethers or on hard surfaces (such as pavement or gym floors) with sand buckets. To ensure safety at your event, please be sure to let us know what type of surface you want the inflatables on. Proper supervision of the inflatables is always required whether it is by a hired PMMnP employee or you, the lessee.

If I rent an inflatable, do I pick it up?

PMMnP offers delivery, setup, and teardown of all equipment, or you can will-call the equipment from our warehouse at a discounted rate.

Do I supply the electricity and extension cords?

Yes, you provide the power, but PMMnP will bring the extension cords. Each inflatable blower requires a standard 110-volt outlet (15-amp circuit) and draws approximately 9 amps of electricity. If power is an issue at your event, please inform us in advance. For a nominal fee, we can offer generators and 220-volt power boxes.

What type of surface can the inflatable be set up on?

Dry grass is always the best choice to ensure safety for the users and to minimize wear and tear on our equipment. PMMnP secures all inflatables to the ground with steel stakes to prevent the games from going airborne in windy conditions. We prefer, when you rent from us, to please make us aware of your surface. If you mow the grass before an event, clean up the clippings so they stay out of the games, and clear the surface of any sharp objects. Also, turn off the sprinklers at least 24 hours prior to your event. We can also set up indoors, such as a gymnasiums and multipurpose rooms.

How long does it take to install the inflatables?

Generally, it takes about one hour once the equipment has reached the event location. However, it can also take a little longer due to unknown factors that may occur during the installation process. We cannot transport inflatables up stairs unless there is a cargo elevator available.

Are your inflatables and marquees fireproof?

Yes. All of our inflatable games and marquees are produced with a fire-retardant agent, and they comply with all industry standards.

Does PMMnP carry insurance?

PMMnP carries the necessary insurance to set up in public places, such as schools and parks. If you need a certificate of liability for your event, please ask and we will provide you with one. If you require to be additionally insured on our policy, we charge a $50.00 administrative fee.

Can the inflatables be used in the rain?

It sounds like fun, but unfortunately, they become very unsafe in inclement weather. Cold weather is fine, and breezy days are okay. However, rain and snow are enemies to the games. If your event gets rained out, we offer rain checks.

Inclement Weather Policy

Cancellation or rescheduling must be 72 hours prior to PMMnP delivering or setting up rental equipment. PMMnP, at its discretion, may at anytime cancel the rental of equipment should weather conditions become unsafe for the equipment and/or its participants. Once the equipment has been delivered, cancellation will result in no refunds.

How long does a rental last?

The minimum rental is 4 hours of use. If you need to keep the rental unit(s) longer, please let us know in advance.

Is supervision included in the pricing?

No. Supervision costs are not included in the pricing. However, we can offer you this service at an additional cost of $25.00 per person per hour. All of our attendants are game coaches who are well trained and easily distinguishable from other guests by their PMMnP-issued uniforms.

Are we responsible for the rental unit if it gets torn or damaged in any way?

Yes and no. You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units. Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over a period of time. If this happens, please alert us at once so we can remedy the situation. However, if damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules and/or negligence (i.e., not turning off the blower in high winds), you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit and/or blower.

How much space do I need for the equipment?

This all depends on the equipment as each unit has a different footprint. Dimensions for each game can be found on our website.

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